July 20, 2010

Rodliz’s Nest
It's not always necessary to spend so much money just to entertain  and have fun with whatever we like to do.  

We are not living an extravagant life and even if we wanted to we just can't afford it, so simple things can make us happy and a part of those things we love to do becomes our hobbies...

Digital Photography - I've been dreaming to buy Nikon D3000 but up to now i'm still using my Sony Cyber-shot. I'm a camera addict and i feel happy taking photos of all the happenings in our life.

Cooking - I'm not a good cook but when i came to Dubai my cooking skills has improve. Thanks to my flatmates who have taught me how to prepare foods that hubby would always want me to cook for him.

Reading - I'm not a bookworm but for someone who doesn't have so much work to do at work i've learned to read not that of with hard covers but seconds hand books which i can buy half the price of the brand new.

Writing - I'm not writer and i'm not even good with grammar and english but as part of having a boring work i've learned it too...through blogging.

I can have more other hobbies like sewing, biking and mountain climbing that's if i were in the Philippines and not in this City of Sands.

For Hubby...he loves to watch the never ending old filipino action movies and basketball during his rest day and before and after he comes to work.

That's for now guys...Happy  CC Everyone!


tatess said...

i like digital photgraphy too that is why I got hubby's DLSR but now that we are moving saka na muna yan ,no time pa.

Rossel said...

inexpensive indeed, sis. pareho tayo ng ginagamit na camera. i want sana dslr kaso di ko afford.

kha said...

i like mountain climb and biking too.. oh well since for the meantime you were using sony cybershot, pictures still good.. i believe maganda xang pangkuha pic unlike other brand except nikon D series nga lang . :D

here's my share

Happy CC!

AC said...

ang saya naman ng iyong mga hobbies... tama ka, pag nag eenjoy tayong gawin ang isang bagay, nagiging hobby na sya... Here's Mine

Mommy Liz said...

bakit wala ang comment ko dito? ang tagal ko ng nag comment dito ah. di kaya nag go through? nakalimutan ko na tuloy kung ano ang comment ko.

Reading- nakow eh pareho tayong mahilig magbasa. pero tamad ako magsulat, di ako magaling sa english eh. Cooking naman eh duty ko yata yun, kaya di ko masasabing hobby, hehehe. Si Marlon pala mahilig sa action, lalo ang mga movies ni FPJ? hehehe.. sobrang luma na yun. Parang trend na sa atin ang basketball di ba? kapag guys, dito kasi eh nanonood lang si Rodney ng football sa TV, pero di siya naglalaro, matanda na kasi eh.

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