July 24, 2010

It's the peak of summer here in the U.A.E with highs of 48 degrees Celcius....and for a commuters like me i make it sure to always bring my umbrella and bottled water with me.

Way back in the Philippines...summer time means having something that can cool you off and you can find it just anywhere in the streets...like mais con yelo / banana con yelo, gulaman, fruit shakes, ice cream (i love the dirty ice cream than of the branded one), sundaes at Mc Donalds and Jollibee, softdrinks, juice or palamig, or simply cold water and of course Halo halo...

Halo halo (english - mix mix) is a mixture of ingredients. Usually you have it with shaved ice, evaporated milk, gulaman, leche flan, langka or jackfruit, saba , pinipig, mais or corn, nata de coco, cherries and even ice cream. For the ice cream, it’s usually just one scoop but if you’re going for the super special halo – halo, you have to have two or more scoops.

Here in Dubai, Filipino Restaurants usually serves halo halo just like what we had in Golden Pork near Bur Dubai Station.

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http://foodtripfriday.net/ said...

Buti pa diyan may nagtitinda ng halo-halo, dito wala eh, we have to make our own. :)

aira said...

hi, mukhang sarap nyang halo halo na yan aa tnx for sharing

kimmy said...

wow! looks yummy!

JETTRO said...

pakain din ng halo-halo

patambay muna dito nkikibasa lang

sali ka sa botohan ng mga blogger thanks

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