July 28, 2010

I can easily enumerate what are my talents but can't say anything about Pangit except for him being an electrician. He is very good in fixing stuff that concerns electricity, cabling, soldering, wirings but not carpentry which i can do except for the heavy carpentry works.

He can sing well when he's drunk but not when he's in his normal self. Too bad because i was one of those who loves music but music doesn't love me. I can dance (I am a member of a ballroom dance club here) but i stopped doing it since hubby came to Dubai. Hubby hates dancing except for "sweet" dance....i don't know what you call it but it's where couples or dance partners cling to each other dance in a sweet moves of love music.

As for my other talents... well, i can sew but i hate to take body measurements so maybe when i go back home i'll end up sewing curtains & pillow case...hehehe. I can so some scrapbooks and handicrafts but still i can't perfect it till now.

Actually we all have our innate talents but there are talents which can be acquired also. Before i really don't know how to cook but now it's one of the acquired talent that i have or maybe because i have no choice but to learn it otherwise hubby will leave me..hehe

Hmmm..those are just the simple talents that we have..


Rossel said...

you made a good partner sis, carpenter and electrician together. you don't need to hire someone to do those things.

tatess said...

cooking is the best talent we can offer our hubby.

kha said...

@tatess aray! natamaan ako dun..hehehe

Ate Sheng good tandem equals savings. Imagine di nio na kelangan maghire as per Mommy Rossel said.

Naloka naman ako dun bakit mas magaling xa kumanta pag nakainom kesa sa hindi..hahaha mas nagkakatune ba? hihihi

Happy CC

kimmy said...

i would say... QUITE TALENTED. A fixer of things, a handy man. Well... you're lucky!

chubskulit said...

Hahahah "sweet" brings back my kabataan when you go to sayawan lol. Wow I am impressed that you can do carpentry, I don't have any lol..

Come and see our talents yeah right lol. see you in Nostalgia.

Mommy Liz said...

daming dancer sa couple's corner ah. 2nd ka na na nabasa kong marunogn mag carpentry, si Mommy Rossel din daw. Ako kasi zero sa mga ganyang talent. Ni hindi ako marunong manahi, teka pala, bakit ayaw mong kumukuha ng body measurements? hmmm? at of course talent din ang cooking noh, lalo kung dahil dyan eh napaibig mo ng husto si Marlon, hehehe. Talented din naman pala si hubby mo, mahirap ang electrician ha, pwede siyang makoryente kapag nagkamali siya..

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