August 29, 2010

Hubby is on vacation since last week and from the moment he step on the groud of NAIA he immediately called me to inform that he arrive in the Philippines safe and sound. Then from that day on he calls me everyday...something that i appreciate though sometimes it's kinda irritating to answer the same question. He calls me before i leave the office and when i reach home or even at the middle of the night (Philippine time) to check if i'm home or somewhere else.

I don't know if any of you guys will not like your husband to call you 3-5 times in a day when he's out of the country....well, i simply don't like it...once a day is okay but not more than that...the first reason i got in in mind is the cost of long distance's expensive of course and besides we chat and send sms everyday but to call you several times in a day is a waste of money... am i right?

But anyway i've got no choice  but to answer his call coz if not he will call to any of our room mates like what usually happens when i leave my mobile in our room and i am not able to attend his call.


Mommy Liz said...

baka sobrang loves ka ni Marlon. nag aalala lang siguro sau at miss ka na nya.. Ganyan din si Rodney kapag ako ang nasa Pinas, gusto niya 2x a day nag cha chat kami, kaya ni hindi ako nakapasyal noong nasa Pinas ako. Grr di ba?? Hehehe!

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