August 16, 2010

A friend and a batchmate at The Sisters of Mary School tied the knot last Thursday and as invited and requested to be the proxy witness i was absent that day just to give my full support to Elsa and Rolan.

It was my first time to attend a wedding ceremony at the Philippine Consulate Dubai and what disappointed me was the waiting time of more than 1 1/2 hours before the ceremonies begin. And the other thing was that since there are more than 30+ couples to wed , one ceremony consist of 6 pairs so you just can't imagine how the 6 couples plus 2 witness and the photographer were all tightly packed in one small room.

Anyway, Congratulations to the Witty Bride and Shy Type Groom!

Mr. & Mrs. Belleza

The Newly Wed with the Witness wacky pose at the Philippine Consulate, Dubai

After the wedding ceremony we went directly to Saint Mary's Church for the Blessing of the Priest but since the office of the Parish Priest was close so we just had a little prayer inside the Church and took some more photos at the Altar of Mama Mary.

At Saint Mary Church, Dubai

I was asked to lead a prayer during the wedding reception and here it was... ( I've asked my SFC HH Leader to prepare it for me heheh)

Almighty Father,

We thank you for this day. For allowing us to be together and share the happiness of our dear friends Elsa and Rolan.
Thank you for the binding of hearts and the promise of for better or for worse.
We ask you to bless their union with respect, humility, prosperity, faithfulness and more love as they got through their personal differences and the challenges of marriage.
May they be source of support and encouragement of each other. And may you be, dear Lord, be the center of their partnership and their family. Amen.

Hubby and I with the Mr. and Mrs. Belleza at the wedding reception, Bavaria Hotel, Bur Dubai


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