August 15, 2010

We're done with our differences and now it's time to share what we both likes and dislikes.

We like ice cream / sundae...hubby likes strawberry flavor while i like vanilla.
We like sour stew though hubby likes beef stew the most.
We like taking a little walk few hours after a heavy meal or during weekend.
We like to attend mass every Sundays and Holidays of Obligation but most of the time we can't  make it too because of his working schedules.
We doesn't like boastful.

He likes watching basketball and action movies all the time esp. during his days off.
He likes branded stuff and dislikes things bought in Ukay.
He likes friend chicken and dislikes any other chicken recipes except tinola
He likes soy sauce with lemon and chilli as dipping sauce and dislikes ketsup and mang tomas or any other sauce..
He likes giving him a massage while watching television or before he sleeps.
He likes it when i become so sweet and loving but dislikes PDA.
He doesn't like it when he asked me and i don't reply and he doesn't like it also when i talk a lot or nag.
He likes sour stew milkfish and dislikes milkfish marinated in vinegar and garlic.
He doesn't like me being to friendly esp. with the opposite sex.
He doesn't like to see me crying at the middle of an argument and he says it becomes my way to stop him fight with me hehehe
He doesn't like it when i speak so loud and too noisy while he is watching a movies or a news on television.
He only likes me to go out with my friends whom he knows.
He likes to wash again any dining wares that he uses even if it is already cleanse.
He likes Jollibee and MC Donald and he can eat there alone.

I like all the things that all other ladies/women (ukay, flea market, surplus, discout shop), travel, photography, handicraft, reading, blogging, new learning and new experiences, making friends and sports.

I don't like greedy people and i hate seeing others rejoices when their neighbors are down and suffering on poverty.

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