September 9, 2010

It says that trust is the glue that holds couples together and it all begin with trusting yourself that he is worthy of your love which I believe so. Do I trust him same as the way I trust myself? Yes I Do! I have always been truthful and honest to him…even the single details of everything that I do I always make it sure that he knows it. But it hurts me so much that there is always a reservation on his side…I feel like he doesn’t fully trust me…I’ve told him many times that his doubts and negative thoughts about me would not help our relationship though he would always tell me that he trusted me yet his actions is different from what he says. But given that fact we still remain to be so much in love with each other maybe because my trust to him stands even if sometimes things seems not okay..

I have faith in our relationship, though at many times I have almost packed my things and said "enough" and we can't just live the way it is, yet because of love we come to settle any arguments and be back to each others arm .

What is there in a relationship without loyalty? Love alone cannot sustain a, faith and loyalty are important to strengthen a marriage.

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Roxxy said...

Love always deserve a chance! =)

Mommy Liz said...

Sheng, I guess your trust is enough for both of you. Ikaw na ang nag ke keri ng supposedly na trust nya for you. There are people that no matter how much they say they trust you, they just cannot practice it. Yung iba, from previous experience, yung iba, just simply because. Ikaw na lag ang mag assure na he can trust you. If your love for him is stronger than his doubts, your marriage will last, di ba nga ga ngayon so much in love pa rin kayo irregardless of his lack of trust. He's loyal to you that's for sure di ba? and he knows that you love him and he has faith in you. so, Ok na rin yan, ikaw na lang ang magdala...

Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

Sheng, If you trust, have faith and loyalty to your hubby and there's no love, what reason will you have to marry such person? All begins and ends with love, love is essential for the three above to make your marriage last forever. Have a blessed weekend.

Rossel said...

sa tingin ko sis, he trusts you. he is just afraid to admit and show it kaya may reservations sya.

thanks for the love that is keeping you together and for your being understanding and patient.

Trust, Faith and Loyalty

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