October 28, 2010

It was early last year when i wrote how much i wanted to have Nikon D3000 and now i am only two months away before i finally have it. It would be my Christmas gift for myself after working in Pars Oyster Marine LLC for 5 years this coming December. Part of the leave pay i would be receiving end of this year would be for this DSLR camera. The last time i've checked it on Sharaf DG it cost around 2600Dhs and i told Hubby about it and he said "NO". Again NO!

Well i understand, we're planning a vacation for two months mid of next year (that is if i will not get pregnant till December) and the money to buy for this camera is more than a month allowance.
We'll see...but i will be very happy to have it on December...though Hubby doesn't really want me to buy it still I am planning to buy it as there is no other 5th Anniversary to come that i would give myself a gift.


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