November 4, 2010

The day we finally became lovers I was already sure that few years more our relationship would end up on marriage and I dreamed of having a life together in Metro Manila.

He will remain working on the same company he has worked for 5 years and I will be looking for an administrative job when I finished my studies. We will then both work hard for our own and for our family who needs our support and 2-3 years after we will have one kid. From time to time we will go home to the province and visit our families and other relatives. Then when we finally have enough savings we will settle at the province, build a house, put up a little business and watch our kid grew up.

A simple glimpse of our future which really did not happen coz God had a greater plan for us not just a life at the metropolitan but a life abroad.

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Mel Cole said...

I like your Glimpse sis, very hopeful and love is on the the rise!

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Mommy Liz said...

Your glimpse of your future is so simple and yet so ideal. Ganyan di lang ang gusto ko eh, and yet, things can change di ba? most of the time, what we hope for, won't happen, instead, God has another plan for us..

Soulful said...

wow! that was a simple but straight-from-the-heart dream..

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