November 10, 2010

As an skilled laborer and a newly grad who got married after a long distance relationship of 3 years and 3 months, we only have a very simple dream… a life in Metro Manila, support our families, one kid and enough saving for our future in the province.

After 5 years of marriage….what we have accomplished? Though we are not yet blessed with a kid but the life we have now is far beyond the life I dreamed in Metro Manila. I went to Dubai few days after we got married, had a permanent job after 8 months and brought him here after 3 years. We don’t have an abundant life now, our earnings are just enough to support ourselves and our families. Like me I’ve sent 5 siblings in college, one of them is already here with us and the other 2 might come mid of next year while the 2 youngest will still need our support till they finished their studies. Hubby from time to time sends some money to his father to support his hobby and his brother who sometimes asked some financial help too. We still don’t have enough savings now but we are planning to buy a land and build a house when we got home next year.

Other than somehow a better life abroad we don’t have any possessions whom we can consider as our achievements. Happy Couples Corner:)

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chubskulit said...

Sending 5 siblings in college is far a the accomplishment already.. Had my own share, got disappointed with the first one but still sending two at present..

Our accomplishments

Soulful said...

wow! that is really something.. way to go, girl!

Mommy Liz said...

Touched naman ako sa napag aral mo sa college ang mga kapatid mo. You might not yet have your dream child, but God always has plans for everybody. Maybe, when you are done with your responsibilities with your family, then you will have your own child, and your focus will be just to him/her, oh di ba? Di mo pa ba matatawa na accomplishements lahat yan? You are an accomplished ate and wife to your husband..

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