November 18, 2010

I don't remember that we wish upon a star...what i remember was that when Hubby and I were still dating we used to spend  time on our favorite hang out in the province...the sea wall, there we will wait for sunrise and wish for a simple life in the future...

We wish for a house...not as big as shown in the photo but a simple house where love overflows between Hubby and I and our son to be...

We wish for a business...not a big one but a small piggery and poulty business plus a hog and poultry supply store.

We wish for a vehicle...not a car but a tricycle to transport all the supplies from the market to our store and a motorbike.

A simple wish of a simple couple....Marlon and Sheryl:)

 My entry for

Rodliz’s Nest


Soulful said...

those are very reasonable wishes you got there! hope they all come true!

Mommy Liz said...

Ganon? gusto nyo ng poultry at pigery? wow..naku naman nag wish ka na nga ng transportation eh di pa malaking truck, hehehe. ako wish ko lagi dati, manalo sa lotto, kaso lang masakit na ang ulo ko kaka dream kugn pano ko gastahin ang pera ko, kaya tumigil na ako ang gastos sa tylenol, with overflowing love is the great wish that you asked for..

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