October 21, 2010

Really it's so annoying to always hear "NO" when you want to do something or you wanna go anywhere either with friends or alone. To mention...when he was on vacation last August I asked hubby if I can go with our flatmates for a night swimming and you know what he told me? No! You wait for me and we'll go together. Grrrr!! What the heck! Imagine everyone is going and I will be left alone at home.

If there's some reason why we always have an arguments that is because of his NO's...

NO for a girls night out
NO for visiting an old friends
NO for watching movies and mall hopping without him
NO for a tight jeans
NO for a swim wear
NO for short shorts at home
NO for joining any organization
NO for a short course study
NO for staying or watching tv at the living room when he's at home
NO for a drinks
NO for taking a medicine as it may prevent me from conceiving
NO for making jokes with male flatmates
NO for a laugh out loud
NO for a nail polish
NO for a make up
etc etc

What do you think I followed all his NO's? Of course NO...hahaha I am the queen of stubborn wives i guess:) Well, I agree with Momy Liz that what is so annoying, sometimes, when i ask permission to go somewhere and he would immediately say NO...but when he noticed that I am not talking anymore and he knows that i so mad...he will then say YES you can go...What's really with that?

When it comes to him...I don't have that much NO's to him except for his vices and spending all his free times with his siblings here..

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Vhen said...

kala ko sinunod mu lahat ng mga NOs na un hahaha... sasabihin ko sana ang boring naman nun, hehehe...

effective din pala pag di ka na imik nuh? gnyan din ako eh.. heheheh

Mommy Liz said...

Buti na lang di bawal ang huminga, hehehe! Ang daming NO, kakaloka! sobrang seloso ni Marlon, parang halos kapareha nyang mga NO mo ang NO ni Rodney eh, hehehe! kala mo mga pang Ms Universe ang beauty ng mga wives nila noh? But, know what, kahit ganon pa man, bakit kaya mahal pa rin natin sila..siguro love is complicated talaga, hehehe.. Nice post Sheng!

Soulful said...

wow! that is such a LONG LIST of 'NOs' lol!

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