October 13, 2010

Am I a Yes Wife? Definitely I am not!! I always believe that even if couples are united as one both should still have their own free will to choose what’s right and what makes them happy as an individual regardless of their status as long as it will not affect their marriage.

I can’t always do things that I want or I can’t always have that “YES” from hubby whenever I ask permission and if I do insist it will end up on a big fight. Same thing with him…he can’t always have my approval especially matters that involve my in-laws and his vices. I can’t and I have never been supportive to him when it comes to his family and that’s one thing he hates from me most. Even few hours visit to his siblings here in Dubai would not be okay for me…but that’s another thing I can never take from him and so he too insist doing it again and again even If he knows that I would always say “No”. It’s not because I am jealous that he spent most of his day off with them but because of the things that had happened before that I can’t let go till now.

We are not living a comfortable life in Dubai in fact we are just sharing a room with others and so all night is not always a “YES NIGHT” for an awesome lovemaking… though we have our own space and no one can see us but I am conscious for the noise that we can create. I am sure couples in Dubai who also shares a room with relatives or friends do understand me.

Happy CC Everyone!

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Vhen said...

another blog talks about in laws, i should have write about it also.. lol

i do understand your point, me too sometimes do feel jealousy towards my in laws but then as you have said, i can't just take him away from them.

happy CC!

Mommy Liz said...

Hehehe! so me NO nights din kayo..Naku oo nga parang ang hirap ng me mga ka board/flat mate di ba? Di makasigaw, ahahahay!

But tama ka naman dun sa YES wife ka if it won't create any problem sa marriage nyo, and he knows na NO ang sagot mo kapag inaya ka nya sa mga in laws mo, eh bakit over and over again ang pag aya? Baka raw mag change ka ng mind. But, good thing about you is, you have a very strong personality and he knows it..

Roxxy said...

konti na lang ang yes wife ngayon ah..hehe..

Rossel said...

i am sorry about that sis. i hope you can let go whatever it is that happened in your past. about the making love thing, I can relate because I was conscious too when we still had our house helper.have a great day!

Am I a YES Wife.

♥♥♥ PRETTYMOM ♥♥♥ said...

Reho tau ate sheng.. Definitely not din ako..hehe

Soulful said...

hmmm... sems like a sort of uncomfortable situation..

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