October 10, 2010

The weather now in UAE is the most pleasant and it’s the best time to spend the weekends at the park. And so last Friday we went to the Zabeel Park for a BBQ.
Pork is not permitted in BBQ areas in all Parks in Dubai but if you really want to grill pork like what we used to do before you can bring your own portable charcoal barbeque grill.

Not a well planned picnic...so we just brought a chicken marinated in masala and one big sheri for grilling, rice, spaghetti, fresh vegetables salad, chips and sweets...

Babsy whose always been incharge of grilling..

I should not be eating chicken but it was so yummy and tasty and i can't help but eat...

Here they are...I was the one who took the photos so I was not included hin this photo. From left..Marynel (a friend from our province), Marie (our flatmate), Rechell (my sister), Milet & Leah <---Ate Norie's friend from Zaabel Palace 1, the chubby couple Nadine and Earl Lester.

Later at night we hop on the train that winds around the park and crosses the pedestrian bridge to go to the sounthern part of the park.

The Ladies while waiting for the train near the fountain at the entrance of Gate 3

It was our first time to ride on this train.

So far we all had a great weekend and hoping to come back next week to visit the Stargate. Hubby had a great time too at his sister's house who came home early morning of Saturday and so drunk..hehehe Wishing you all had a great weekend too..

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Clarissa said...

Looks like everybody had a blast,sistah Sheng.Ang sarap bumisita sa park with lots of foods and buddies anoh ^_^

Pixel Bug Weekend

Sassy Mom said...

Good food, good friends... that's a perfect weekend!

Lydia said...

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@:sachinsanthosh said...

Hey, i'd like to know which gate did you enter to get access to all the BBQ grills?

sheng said...

Hey Santhosh,

All gates except for no. 2 has access to bbq grills.

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