November 30, 2010

I am almost losing hope, we’ve been married for almost 5 years now and been living together here in Dubai for 3 years and yet I don’t get pregnant. I long for that day that I would finally be called “Mommy”. I am not getting any younger and as they say women at 30’s find it difficult to conceive. Right now I am taking pre-pregnancy vitamins to help me get pregnant and if the chance remains to be low we planned to spend two months vacation mid of next year for a total rest as suggested by the doctor.

If I do get pregnant during that 2 months vacation I think we would be the happiest couple who will come back to Dubai. I would for sure start buying all the baby things I have listed years back and since we are also planning to bring our baby with me when I came back here after my delivery in the Philippines, I think I need to add from that list a babybond couture nursing sash since given the culture in Dubai, it is recommended to avoid breastfeeding in pulbic due to amount of flesh you bare but with the help of it i can freely feed my baby anywhere I am without people raising their eyebrows while looking at me.

While I am doing my random blog hop today I've learned that Kero is giving away a babybond courtue nursing sash for breastfeeding moms, expectant moms, or family friends of brand new parents and so I'm trying my luck now, who knows i might  win and i don't need to include it on my baby whishlist anymore.

Hey Moms! Ify ou are one them who needed a nursing sash for breastfeeding, get a chance to win Kero's Babybond Couture Nursing Sash Give Away, for more details visit this link.

Oh by the way, she is also having two more give aways, a Christmas Back Pack Give Away for Toddlers and Story Time Childrens Book.  So Moms maybe this is your time to win something for your kids.


P.S. Kero is one of my fave Dubai Blogger.


Kero said...

Wonderful post! Thank you so much for joining. Good luck and I share your prayers that you will be blessed with your little chikiting -- all in God's time....big hug!

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