December 1, 2010

Christmas is uproaching... and i love the thought of preparing some gifts for family, friends and of course for ourselves. After working so hard together for 3 years since Hubby came to Dubai, we realized that it is about time to buy something for us.

We've been dreaming to have our own laptop though i could buy anytime if i wanted to but we agreed to buy it from our bonus and leave pay so it won't affect our budget.

I wanted a Pink Sony Vaio but Hubby didn't agree so maybe we will buy a blue one.

a gift for both of us 

Then of course my DSLR Camera which i have been dreaming to have is also included in our list though Hubby doesn't want me to buy it, yet i insist... Anyway he can't do anything if i bought it already before he knows it. 

Nikon DSLR for me
After losing the mobile phone Hubby bought from his first salary, he never got the chance to buy a good one so now he would like to buy an IPhone 4 from his bonus.

IPhone 4 for Hubby

Other than all the material things we want to have this Christmas we wish for a baby boy soon, good health for both of us and our love ones and a better job for Hubby after finishing his contract from his current company.

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Vhen said...

lahat un expensive ha, hehehe

happy CC!

Mel Cole said...

I hope your wish will be granted this Christmas sis.

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Rossel said...

goodluck on the baby boy, sis. i will pray for that.

me too i want Canon EOS kit kaso masyadong mahal.

Soulful said...

if I were you, ANY COLOR would do, lol!

imriz said...

wow, what a "huge" wishlist! wished u cud have it all...more importantly...the baby. more blessing and more love...

Mommy Liz said...

Oh eh kung baby girl, ibabalik nyo? hehehe.. Hala, kelan kaya ako makakbili ng camera na hikndi point and shoot, yan nga ang i wish ko next year, baka sakaling ibigay sa akin ni hubby. need ko pa kasing mag aral basahin ang instruction at boba ako sa mga hay tek eh, hehehe..

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