February 23, 2011

When I was still a teenager falling in love is kinda weird for me. I always hate to see my friend being nervous, shy and unable to think of anything to say whenever she is near to her boyfriend, wanting to be always at her best when she knows they’ll see each other, rushing to her mobile whenever there’s a call or a message, daydreaming during the day and dream about his boyfriend when asleep at night, being willing to stick around and work things out when difficulties start arising. Those are just some of my observations which I promise that I’ll never be when I finally fall in love also.

But then it’s really easy to say something when you’re not into someone’s position. Six month after assuming that Hubby’s cousins and friends were just teasing us again as a continuation of our kiddy love team, I’ve noticed that I was almost doing those things that I hated to see my friend was doing when she fell in love.

I thought it was just a mere observation from people who are in love but then I realized that falling in love really made someone go crazy and weird as I described it. I had my first suitor at the age of 16 and what I really hate from him visiting me at home was that when he started to ask some nonsense questions, so what I used to do was tell him that I have something to do or I need to sleep early just for him to leave. It’s funny when someone likes you and you do not like him in return and then you do some nasty things that will finally discourage him to go on courting you. I did many many horrible things towards my suitors but then when Pangit and I met again after 10 years which brought him to court me for a year, I came to spend times with him talking about nonsense things which I never did from previous suitors. I always wanted to make myself beautiful every time we meet. I’ve learned to like him even he was not my dream guy and accept him whoever he was, and I think that's where the heart goes. That was exactly six months after, I used to day dream about him and it was him I think about when I wake up in the morning. The sound of his motorbike was enough reason for my heart beats faster. I don’t mind if I have many other things to do as long as I can be with him and enjoy his company. Waiting for the dawn with him at the boulevard during his seasonal vacation was one of the most romantic and memorable days of our life.

I think that's life when you are in love...Happy CC Everyone!


Roxxy said...

Haay it's a blessing to be loved be loved, sarap noh?hehe..

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gengen said...

So kilig talaga sa love story basahin no? heeh thanks for sharing sweet...Happy CC!

Soulful said...

yeah.. it's really like that when someone is special to you, lol!

Mommy Liz said...

Ganon? luka luka ka rin pala noong araw? hehehe! kapag di mo gusto talagang dinidiscourage mo ha. aba eh kung di mo nga naman talaga type. But, nag iba ang ihip ng hangin ng si Pangit ang nanligaw, parati ang pulbos at paganda ha. Ganon yata kapag gusto mo ang tao, gusto mo algi kausap, kahit ano lang ang topic, kahit nga nonsense eka mo nga. gusot mo lagi kang maganda at mabango, oh di ba? Love is wonderful..

Jona said...

waiting for him at the dawn...wow walang dudang in-love. now you realize how it is to be in-love, haha! :D
CC:Hearts everywhere

AC said...

hahaha!!! buti ka pa na cocontrol mo feelings mo... ako kase usually kahit ano itsura at ugali, pag nagka crush sakin nagkaka crush din ako! LOL! nakakaloka!

siguro nga your heart only belongs to him... =) HERE'S MINE

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