February 19, 2011

I received my bouquet of yellow flowers during the pre- Valentine's Day Celebration of our alumni group here in UAE and it was the first time that Hubby gave me a flowers which make it SOOO CHEEESSSYYY.
I was infact telling our flatmates that I'm going to put those flowers in a glass box and keep it till it dry.

Well, if Hubby is not thoughtful like most of the guys are...so then I've learned to do things that he was supposed to do. It's not that he loves me less, infact he loves me more but on his own simple way. As what others say, don't wait or expect for something he will never do instead surprise him or do all those things you actually wanted him to do for you, like me I usually give him a present or bring him somewhere during his birthday, our anniversary and some other occasions.

My very late entry for 


kim said...

yellow flowers are so sweet!

sHeNgKaY said...

wow flower!

happy GT!

mjrodriguez said...

that is so true!

don't wait for him as you will only get frustrated and start thinking funny things. rather do it for him so you can show your love.

happy GT!

K said...

first time is always the most memorable, and those flowers are gorgeous!

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