February 16, 2011

 It took him a year to court me and finally ask about our status maybe because he was extremely shy and was afraid that his love would be turned down. I didn’t play hard to get during those time and though I have already fallen with him on the 6th month I believed that waiting for someone to express their love was a virtue. But would you believe that we had our first kiss a year after?

With the crashing of the waves, the smell of the seaweed and while the fisherman with their hat and jacket holding lamp going towards the sea… our lips met for the first time and that was during our 1st anniversary while were inside a yellow tricycle near the sea wall of Virac Boulevard.

How was it being kiss for the first time?


He usually parked his tricycle near that tree on the left (as usual)…and we’ll wait for the dawn before going home. But that night was unusual…before we used to stay their talking and watching the fisherman’s who comes and go while seated close to each other (immovable) at the passenger’s seat. But that night he pulled me close to him and let my head lay on his shoulder and because the weather during that season was a bit cold… he cuddled me (for the first time…which made my heart beats faster) and started touching my chin for quite sometimes and embraced me tightly maybe because it was really cold that time….but never did I expect that he will kiss me that night (that was my first ever kiss from the very first guy I love). My bodies numbed with cold or because of that kiss that lasted for a minute and more….physically shocked I didn’t know how to respond and the moments we get back to our consciousness….we’re both running out of breath.

I went home upset....as I was expecting him to ask permission before kissing me! Again, that’s included on my list of dreams….that when I had my first kiss….that lucky guy should ask permission as a sign of respect and gentleness…...do I sounds awkward? ….coz that’s what he said on me….that it was normal and needless to ask permission….any of you who expected the same?

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Mommy Liz said...

hehehe! di ba kapa gmag bf di na humihingi ng permiso to kiss, unless na apo ka ni Maria Clara. inabot na nga ng 1 year bago ka na kiss, na upset ka pa. Well, it's your body di ba? and you have rules na dapat sundin, pero yaan mo na, kahit na upset ka, oks lang, mahal mo naman siya di ba?? ang tagal naman ng first kiss nyo. hehehe, nainip ako dun ah..

Rossel said...

para akong nagbabasa ng isang scene sa pocketbook...so romatic pati na rin ang setting. seashore na malamig ang simoy ng hangin...inviting for kiss.

genefaith said...

he..he...for me din sis dapat mag-ask permission...apo pala tayo ni Maria Clara (as what Mommy Liz said)...buti nga sa inyo umabot pa ng 1 year ano, sa amin less than a year...can't wait na si partner...LOL!

mine's here: http://www.genefaithshome.info/2011/02/16/couples-corner-first-kiss/

Soulful said...

oh.. that was so romantic. i salute you guys for being so patient that you waited that long for your 1st kiss, lol!

Roxxy said...

love the setting and yes it's true parang sa pocketbook1haha
mine is here http://alwaysfilipina.blogspot.com/2011/02/unang-halik-hahawink.html

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