March 23, 2011

Waaaa I've missed two CC entries! Anyway here I am back into CC's arms I mean here’s my entry for today’s topic which is back into each others arms.

Getting back on each other's arms doesn't have to be difficult especially when you love each other so much. If its love that brought a couple together, then it is also love that will bring the marriage back into track.

I remember there was an instance where I wanted to really end up our relationship and go on with our separate lives. I cried so hard while packing my things because I can’t imagine that it just didn’t work. We’ve been through a lot and I thought we’re too strong to handle things when our marriage is involved but then I realized we’re not especially me. When a problem arises that concerns our own families I can’t simply ignore it or consider that if I freak out my husband will be badly affected. I don’t care whether he’ll be hurt or what for as long as I’d be able to tell him how I hate what his family has done. And the worst thing about me is that I don’t easily forgive and it takes longer before I forget.

Good thing I am too lucky to have my husband that despite my pride and stubbornness he knows how to tame me. So I know even if we will have more problems and big fights about our families, our own selves or our lives in general that will rock our marriage I am confident that we’ll get back together.

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Mommy Liz said...

gaya nga ng sabi mo, love will lead you back in each other's arms. Bayaan mo na ang mga family, basta ang mahalga kayo ang nagmamahalan at kayo ang magkasama di ba? As logn as your love for each other is strong, nothing can come between you two..

Jona said...

families- that's one of the inevitable conflicts in marriages. but we should really not let our own families ruin what love has put together. it's a test and you have endured it. happy for you :D
my Couple's Corner entry

ferry'zHOME said...

I love your first statement Sis.. It is so true that love will always lead each partners bring back together....

And good thing, dahil your hubby knows how to deal with your stubborness... hihi.. kung hindi malaking gulo yun teh... hihi

Ai KaiRui Liu said...

Thats very true, its not that difficult if you both love each other...sometimes it's the pride that separates us...good thing you know how to deal with your problems as a couple to save your family...visitng from CC and hope you'll follow me back, I've already added u on my blogroll...happy weekend!

Soulful said...

uhurmmm... i can imagine how difficult you are to live with, lol! (*peace!)

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