March 30, 2011

Well, i think the tittle of this blog speaks for itself, togetherness. Being away for more than 3 years (Hubby in the Philippines and I am here in Dubai) was one of the most difficult years of our life as couples who were supposed to be enjoying their lives after getting married.

Those years that we were apart has brought so many problems between us and even to our families but i thank God that we were able to surpassed it. Having been together for almost 3 years now here in Dubai was like making up for the lost days, months and years. We make it sure that we treasures each day, good or bad. We pamper ourselves with so much love and care. Hubby's sarcastic joke means a day or two of not talking to him but after that, would be a romantic night. And i agree, marriage is not a bed of roses, like life – marriage is defined as much by the problems that have to be overcome together, as a husband and wife.

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Soulful said...

the best and sweetest part of being away from each other is the get together..

by the way, do you mind checking this one out?

Mommy Liz said...

katuwa ka naman, sa asar mo ke Marlon eh di mo kinakausap ng 2 days? Sobrang pikon ka pala. Daati ako na ha hurt talaga sa mga jokes ni Rodney, gang sa nasanay na ako at na immune na sa kanya, kaya now, siya na nag naaasar sa akin :) Totoo ka, marriage is not like bed of roses, or it could be, pero maraming tinik, na kapag di ka nag ingat eh matitinik ka at masasaktan.. di ba?

Ai KaiRui Liu said...

thats really true...its not always bed of roses...but what matters you're together through ups and downs on your marriage...and the love you have for each other is more important...that's why you're still together til now..

mine's here:

nuts said...

very true..marriage is not like bed of roses..
btw. i'm your newest follower.. :)

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