May 2, 2011

I had my HSG test last Saturday afternoon at Cure Well Diagnostic Center as referred by Dr. Lucy (my OB Gyne) of Rashidiya Polyclinic. It should have been done last Thursday but due to some problem with the Xray machine it was rescheduled the other day. Tried to called them around 12 noon of Saturday to know whether I can go there for the HSG test already, I want it to be done right that day because If not I have to wait for another month. HSG Test is performed after menstruation period but before ovulation which commonly falls out between 10-12 days of menstrual cycle.

I went to the Medical Center alone since Hubby was still at work that time and I did not bother to call my flat mates to be there with me during the test. I came there around 2:30pm then after sometime they prepared me for the procedure, injected a pain killer on my right butt and few minutes later the doctor came in. I was already lying on the examination table when she came and then she opened my legs,  took the forceps with cotton soaked with betadine solution or something (didn’t bother to ask the nurse who prepared it but it looks like a betadine) and she put inside my vagina like she was cleaning it inside. It was quite painful as it was not done gently. After that she place a speculum inside my vagina followed by a cannula into my cervix and injected an iodine-based through it. At first it was okay but few seconds later I started to feel pain especially when the fluid flow though the uterus going to the fallopian tube. Then the pain becomes severe like a menstrual cramps, it was so painful! They took 3 x-ray pictures during the test and when it’s finished the doctor asked me it there was some pain. I told him yes, infact I was having a really bad cramps already.  The whole procedure was short but the pain was excruciating. I told the nurse that I want to go to the comfort room as I was feeling like a stool or blood was coming out. I could not explain how painful it was but somehow it was like having a diarrhea or severe dysmenorrhea. I stayed at the comfort for about 20 minutes because of so much pain. I was already fainting and I almost don’t have the energy to stand up and go out from the comfort room because they were already knocking the door asking me to come out. As in there was so much pain and cramps, I was already sweating and though I can’t almost hold my mobile I managed to send a message to my flatmates to go to the medical center, good thing they were just at the nearby shopping center. When they came I just came out from the comfort also and they said they couldn’t’ explain my expression. The doctor laid me to the laboratory room and monitored my pulse as I was breathing so fast, gave me water after and told the nurse to take my blood pressure and the result was quite high maybe because of rapid breathing.
Hubby came, asked me if how I was but I did not even answer him as I don’t have any strength to even speak because of so much pain. The doctor asked me to drink a pain reliever followed by glucose in warm water and yet the pain was there and so I asked them to give me a hot bag, they gave me hot water bottle instead, placed it on my lower abdomen and somehow it helps ease the pain. I had almost 1 ½ hour abdominal pain because of the procedure where in fact for others who undergoes the same test can go home 5 minutes after. The doctor was actually wondering why. She asked me some few questions like if I have a chocolate cysts and if I am having the same pain during period and I said yes.  It could be one of the reasons why I am having so much pain added to it was because my left fallopian tube is not healthy.


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