April 28, 2011

I got married without even thinking that atleast I should know how to cook. It's a must for ladies to know how to cook, I've heard it many times from old folks even when i was still young. It is a requirement especially when they get married but what to do I was one of those who were not taught by their mom, I think it's because my mom was not a good cook either.

Three years after marriage Hubby had finally decided to come here in Dubai, and that was the same time when I was ready to welcome him with his fave main dish. Well it requires a lot of effort and patient to learn and ask somebody to help me out with the recipes of whatever food I prepare. Having to learn how to cook is one of my achievement here in Dubai, something that I could be proud to my mom but still I can't say that I will please my Hubby all the time with the food I prepare. Learning to cook is a skills which needs a contineous learning and though I already know how to cook there are certain times that Hubby doesn't like the food I cook and he is also too honest to say even infront of other flat mates that it doesn't taste good. It hurts somehow because I had my efforts on it though sometimes he was really right yet it's not proper to say "that I don't like what you prepared it doesn't taste good". He could have suggested to make it better next time and not to tell you bluntly how tasteless it was.

But anyway, I think it's also a part of married life that pleasing our spouses are not that easy as well.

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simply kim said...

i think it's kind of constructive, he tells you what he thinks about your cooking so that you know what to do next time, lol! mine's HERE by the way..

texas_sweetie said...

oh that's just so ouch ouch to tell the wife like that. i would be so hurt if i were you..but.. better luck next time as they say!

mine is up too, hope you take your time checking it out!
When He Doesn't Like The Food I Cook

Mommy Liz said...

Ay naku Sheng, totoong masakit pakinggan ang criticism lalo at sa hubby nating galing, but, come to think of it, dahil sa pag criticize nila, nag i improve naman ang cooking ability natin di ba? nakaka paluha, pero ganon talaga, honesty is the best policy..

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