July 6, 2011

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A romatic getaway is actually an escape from all tensions and worries that couples tend to have in their regular working days and daily lives.

For the past three years of living here in the Middle East Hubby and I was never been into a romantic getaway. We have been to many places for a holiday or a weekend trip but usually we are with a group of friends. So as we plan for our vacation I told Hubby if we can visit one of the Philippines tourist destinations, Bohol.

It is a combination of a beach, mountain and hills, nature and wildlife destinations which for sure can provide a more relieving experience from a grind and pressure of our lives here in Dubai.

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Jona said...

Bohol is a dream vacation for me. we need vacations like these once in a while. esp when you've been staying for long in a different country.
hope you can link up to Sweet Saturday. thanks!

Mel Cole said...

Wow that nice you chose Bohol to be one of your romantic getaways. I am proud of the Chocolate hills. That's where I grew up.

Торгачкин Игорь Петрович / Igor Torgachkin said...

Good luck!
Greetings from Russia!

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