October 16, 2011

My husband and I are one of those couples who have been praying to have a baby but in 6 years of being married we were just so unlucky to have one. And so we both decided to undergo several test to know what might be the causes of not getting pregnant. The results were all normal except for the chocolate cyst that i have which i thought was just okay since my doctor told me that it is common for women to have it and that it may just come and go. But then for the last three months i have experienced pelvic and lower abdominal pain during ovulation and menstrual period and so i went to my OB and complained about it.

I had another TSH test and transvaginal ultrasound, with all other symptoms that i told her she said that the chocolate cyst might be an endometriosis and to confirm it i should undergo a diagnostic hystero laparoscopy when i go home to the Philippines (with her referral).

So what is endometriosis?..


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