January 5, 2013

Well, before 2013 comes my only wish was...A MORE CHALLENGING 2013! Every year that had past was  a challenge for me and my hubby but those are not something I've asked for...something i wasn't ready to face though we were able to defeat those challenges. 

Here comes 2013! We are more goal driven this time and we both prepared ourselves for a much more challenging year. Now...shall i say be carefull of what you've wished for? Welcoming the New Year wasn't really good enough especially for Hubby whose brother was brought to the hospital just as the clocks ticks close 12:00am. With all the worries he had for his brother the only property that will forever remind him of being the best employee of their company was damaged because of his clumsiness. We have saved money for his next final test on driving and we aren't ready to spend it for another thing like for the repair of a damaged property. He failed his first attempt for a nonsense reason given by the RTA Officer though we expected it somehow since it's really common for students taking driving test to fail for about 1-3 attempts but it's so frustrating when you got to experienced it in real.

Next, everybody is sick now a days. Most of the people are having colds and flu mainly because of the weather as they say. I've been sick for a months almost...cough and colds as usual and added to that the painful hard sausage lump on my right quarter abdomen which the Doctor says it's gassssss and that i should observe my diet.  I feel like it's more than that....gas. There might be more reasons which I'm afraid to know. 

Whatever may come this whole year of 2013. I hope we both have enough courage to face it and FAITH on him that there's nothing He would give us that we can't take.


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