January 5, 2014

Following the series of test for fertility, here I go again for another treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome. I'll be taking Glucophage for one month and 3 Gonal-F injection for 3 days. Recently I had one month Yasmin (contraceptilve pills) intake and Decapeptyl injection for the same treatment purposes but nothing has change.

Last night it took me about 2 hours before finally talking to the Doctor and right after my I-Scan, she asked whether I'm ready to get pregnant. Something that really changed my mood. I was feeling so down since New Year but upon hearing her said that, I had that feeling that no one can explain and a positive outlook that soon I'll be a woman and mom. 

Hopefully this treatment will really help me conceive.

BTW, Hubby is scheduled for Semen Analysis this week also, hoping that the result will be normal as well.


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