February 2, 2014

After a deacade, finally i was able to visit a movie house again. Can't almost remember when was the last time we watch movie together but one thing I'm sure, that was long time ago (lol).

The only plan last night was to check out the malls for the last minute Dubai Shopping Festival offers and watching a movie was not a part of it. While walking inside Dubai Festival City along with our female friend I suddenly remembered what our flatmate has told me the other day about the movie Hercules. So then, i told them that we better watch it too, which they agreed.

Since Hubby came to Dubai we never had the chance to watch movie together. I don't feel like dragging him to the movie house just to sleep. It's a waste of money! Lol! Well, honestly that's true, he always fall asleep while watching a movie and last night's same scenario, he was sleeping while me and our friend was so noisy exchanging our comments about The Legend of Hercules. He woke up when the movie was about to end.

Never mind if Hubby slept almost the whole time we were inside the cinema, he paid for three of us lol!

Well, I had fun, so as our friend. I have enjoyed my all time favorite type of movie. Till next time :)


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