April 7, 2014

Haven't I told you guys that Hubby hates me wearing makeup? Yes he does! For him wearing makeup means you're flirting or trying to catch the attention of the opposite sex, reason why I am not really into makeup even before we got married. Another thing I am too lazy to apply it. After marriage the more that I did not use makeup unless it is required or without Hubby knowing that I wore makeup on a certain party I have attended or when I've met some friends without him.

Now that I have subscribed to Glambox Beauty Products, it somehow broaden my mind that sometime or i mean most of the times I needed to be beautiful not to impress anyone but myself.

So lately I have been trying to put on some make up to give some glow on my face (and yeah I’m loving it) and the moment Hubby saw me with makeup, the same reaction but somehow back of his eyes he likes it too :)


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