April 12, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Chase Eduard!

It was Chase's 1st Birthday Yesterday held at Elements Restaurant, Ivory Grand Hotel Apartment behind Mall of the Emirates. It was a Lunch Buffet attended by the Birthday Boy's Parent's friends, colleagues and school mates (ASMSI - UAE).

I am not going to tell you about the celebration or a review of the restaurant instead I'm going to share with you the feelings of a desperate mom to be. Kinda weird, Yeah? But Yes! Looking at Chase Yesterday I felt so happy that he has grown such a handsome little boy which his parents should be very proud of. The more that I became so happy when I saw the Twin Boys (Liam and Yono) and my little Kuya RR, they’re my batchmates kiddos.  Seeing them reminds me of how unhappy I am for not having a little one. Yeah, we tried and we’ve done many things just to have one but we’re not lucky enough.

The only relief I had yesterday for not feeling such a failure was while looking at the gorgeous ladies on our right (also an SOM Alumni), one or two of them don’t even have boyfriend maybe. It is not about judging them for not being in a relationship or not being married, what I mean was that I am way ahead of them because I am already married and supposedly I have more chances of having a baby compared to them.

At this point of time, infertility has been our worst experience. I don’t know if ahead of this life we will still have the chance to become parents. Everybody knows how we wanted to……but yeah we’re not among those lucky one.


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