April 19, 2014

It was in the middle of the night and I can’t sleep, Hubby was snoring already for an hour. I don’t know, but lately I’ve been thinking anniversary ideas. Yeah, it’s our 9th Wedding Anniversary this coming 28th! For the longest years that we’ve been married I never been so thankful enough for having Pangit as my husband. Honestly, I love him so much and he knows it so well but then I was never been so proud of him in terms of how he loves me or how he is as my better half. During the gloomy days of our relationship I always compare him to my friend’s hubby that they are this and that….why in the world that he’s never been that. But later as we mature in our relationship I realized that you can never have someone you wanted them to be…. instead learn to love and accept them as how God has given him to you. So the other night while he was already asleep, suddenly I hugged him and whispered a prayer, “Lord thank you for having this wonderful person beside me. I may have not been so thankful for having him in my life, but tonight let me tell you how happy and thankful I am for sending me the best person to love and to care for me. Forgive me for those times that I didn’t see the good person in him; he was indeed the best gift you have given me which I have only realized later years of our marriage. Bless our union Lord. We may overcome all the trials that we might encounter throughout this journey of marriage. Thank You”.

Yesterday we had a real great Good Friday, we had swimming at Jumeirah Open Beach in the morning, slept from 11 am till 3pm, attended the 6pm Good Friday Mass and he had his whole body massage after. It was the first time in our marriage life that I enjoyed attending the mass with him. We came to the Church a bit late and so we ended standing near the holy water at the entrance. As you may not know he is not only sleeping in a cinema house but also in the Church. As we waited for the ceremony to start he started to stamped his feet in a way that will keep him awake or maybe he’s tired of standing there as I feel the same. I asked him if he wanted to go inside and ask a favor from the Minister if he can sit down but then he pointed to me the box with a word “Lenten Sacrifice”. Oh yeah, he’s really serious of making little sacrifice which made me so happy. It was the first time that he never complained and showed me that it was the best time to make little sacrifices. During Communion, we were able to sit down near the seats of the Ministers and sung with the choir and parishioners. I’ve noticed that Pangit’s voice was getting louder and he had this unexplainable smile in his face. I looked at him and smiled too, and he told me that with that song he remembered the Pastor in his previous company in Bulacan by which even if he closes his eyes he knows the lyrics of the song. And Yeah, I love him singing the song. He did so well that even if I have the worst voice I sing along with him.

Last night before we sleep, I told him my little prayer the other night. I didn’t see how he reacted on what I said because it was already dark but for sure he did like what I said. I kissed him and told him that I loved him so much and we slept. 


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