April 28, 2014

Today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary! Nothing really especial except for the fact that we've made it through the years. For a marriage to last, it requires a lot of work which doesn't happen on it's own. It needs nurturing, tending to and time and energy. And Yes, we did it.

We went to Saint Mary's Church and as we thank God for the 9 years of being huband and wife, another couple accepts the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Then we had our Anniversary Dinner Date at Lamesa Restaurant, Asiana Hotel. I coudn't think of any restaurant that Hubby (who only loves Filipino and South East Asian food) would love except for Lamesa Restaurant and yeah, he did love it.

We started our dinner with Lapaz Batchoy Soup (only noodles, onion leaves and garlic), an immediate start for a growling tummies. Then for the main dish, Hubby's plate had plain rice, pancit canton, sisig, adobong pusit, kare-kare and inihaw na baboy while I had my fried rice, sisig, humba, kare-kare, eggplant salad and sautted beef's tripe. And we had another plate of sushi, sea food and macaroni salad. For dessert, we had buko pandan and cheese cakes. Went home with full tummies.

More Anniversaries to celebrate.

A Big Celebration might happen next year.

Till then...


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