September 14, 2014

Oh Yeah, Hubby and I were on vacation from 15 - 31 of  last month. It wasn't my plan to go home due to financial reason but 2 weeks before Hubby's departure I tried asking from my boss if he would be willing to provide my ticket allowances if I wanted to go home, and he said Yes! So, that was it! I was home for two weeks.

It was short yet a good and happy vacation. We attended the wedding of Hubby's brother as a secondary sponsor. It was actually the reason why I too decided to go home even if it wasn't really planned. Aside fromt he wedding I got to the chance to bond with my niece/nephews whom I missed a lot. Also for the 3rd time I guess, I've witness the barangay fiesta at Hubby's place which is awesome. 

Next vacation would be on December 2015.


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