December 3, 2015

"Don't worry it will come on God's perfect timing and usually at times when you least expected it."  - a close friend's comment on infertility issues I have shared on my fb profile. 

Hubby and I were already having the idea of adopting a baby by next year because we came to think that maybe its about time to give up and accept that we're not lucky to become parents,. We have had our routine check ups since 2009, we both undergo all the infertility test and procedures which includes the worst one, the traumatic HSG Test. We too had 4 months monitoring and treatment from an infertility specialist during the last 2 months of 2013 till early 2014. Every vacation I even go for the ancient Filipino art of healing called "hilot" and all advices from old folks and Moms we have followed....yet nothing happened.

But when all efforts has been done and all hopes are gone our battle for infertility has ended and our greatest wish was finally granted.

Our Little One came unexpectedly. My monthly period should have come 6th of September but till 10th nothing has come despite the symptoms like light abdominal cramps and lower back pain. It wasn't new for me that I got delayed for a days, I had 11 days delay before but turned out to be negative. A day before, Hubby was teasing me already that I might be pregnant which I didn't mind because it will be more frustating to know that I am not. I just told him that I will take my pregnancy test after 2 weeks delay but after 2 days, I bought a pregnancy kit without informing him. I took the test at 1:42 am of 13th September and right away two red lines appeared. Oh yeah, I was shocked, speechless, happy, was difinitely a mixed of emotions. A minute after, I've sent Hubby the photo of + prenancy test and telling him that he will soon be a father (he's working night shift that time). I've waited for few minutes for him to reply but nothing came so I called him asking him to check the message I've sent. Right that moment he felt weak thinking that the message would be about having my period. He just regain his composure after seeing what was the content of my message.

Early this year we have planned for our renewal of vow/church wedding in celebration of our 10th Wedding Annivesary. We came to this point of having this celebration hoping that it will bring good luck to our married life especially having a baby. It's been said that maybe couples who were married civilly and not blessed with kids probably needs the blessings of the Sacrament of Matrimony. And we even said that if after a year of church wedding we still didn't have a baby, that's the time that we will adopt a child which is part of a belief also that when couple adopt a child, give it a year and they will soon have their own.

I thank God for this wonderful early gift for our wedding. It has been long time since we wanted to have one and now that we're finally having one, we both can't explain the happiness and excitement.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations po

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