March 17, 2016

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Our Little One

God's Sweetest Suprise 
God's Greatest Gift

Is A Boy!

Wish granted!

The Chinese calendar predicts it’s a boy. The shape of my tummy indicates it’s a boy. And my heart says it’s a boy.

Yeah, I myself prayed for a baby boy. A son that will take away that longing for having a real father supposedly as I grew up or a more loving and caring step father, a protective big brother or a sweet and kind little brother, an amazing boy best friend or an awesome boyfriends.  I know from deep within my heart God will really grant me a son, a son that will fill the emptiness I had for the longest time.

Like me, Hubby hopes for a boy too. Even without knowing the gender of our little one, he used to call him as Junior already. He imagined himself teaching a son with his boxing tactics or his basketball moves. He expects a naughty little boy who looks exactly like him.

All praise and glory to God for granting our wish.


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