November 4, 2009

Another story to share here at Couple’s Corner!

When you are further away from each other the passions soars when you meet! As long as you both don't cheat or anything. Long distance relationships can and do work! They work for those that are trustworthy, trusting, decent and remotely patient for something good.

After declaring our love on that sunny afternoon of New Year 2002 at Maribina Falls we have had our lives as if nothing had really changed. I live each day as an ordinary college girl in town and he works as an ordinary laborer in the city. It should have been tough nurturing our love considering the distance that we have…but no…it wasn’t…for the first year. We met seasonal and we have it like we we’re friends or he was still courting me. I remember there was this time that he stayed the whole night in our house talking to me…spending all the remaining hours before he left again to Bulacan. At the middle of the night I know he was already sleepy but when I asked him if he wanted to go home…he said no…and when it was about 4 in the morning I saw him close his eyes and asked him if he wants to go home already….but still he said no. Instead he asked a favor if he can lie he’s head on my lap so he can take a short sleep… (By the way it our usual setting that when we talked we should be on a opposite/adjacent seat facing each other….seems like we’re just really friends and we’re not on). Hesitant, I asked him to come near to me so he can rest for a while. (I have always been very careful in all the things I do or say…I don’t want to make an impression that because I grew up in the city I’m a liberated girl…….coz she likes a maria clara). The moment he close his eyes I wanted to hug and even kiss him on his forehead….and I think I have the right already…..and surely it’s not for the reason that I’m taking the first move but because we’re on…and it’s normal to cuddle…to kiss…to show some sweetness…. How I wish to hug him so tight that night since he’s leaving by tomorrow and we’ll see each other again after 4 months or more. But no! I did not! I’m afraid he’ll have a wrong impression on me…so then again we had our life further away from each other…

On our first anniversary, January 1, 2003, it was the start of a colorful relationship. It was not a romantic celebration as you might expect it….but it was a real memorable one for both of us. We met that day to attend the evening mass at the cathedral and right after…we stayed to our favorite hang out.

He usually parked his tricycle near that tree on the left (as usual)…and we’ll wait for the dawn before going home. But that night was unusual…before we used to stay their talking and watching the fisherman’s who comes and go while seated close to each other (immovable) at the passenger’s seat. But that night he pulled me close to him and let my head lie on his shoulder and because the weather during that season was a bit cold… he cuddled me (for the first time…which made my heart beats faster) and started touching my chin for quite sometimes and embraced me tightly maybe because it was really cold that time….but never did I expect that he will kiss me that night (that was my first ever kiss from the very first guy I love). My bodies numbed with cold or because of that kiss that lasted for a minute and more….physically shocked I didn’t know how to respond and the moments we get back to our consciousness….we’re both running out of breath.

I went home I was expecting him to ask permission before kissing me! Again, that’s included on my list of dreams….that when I had my first kiss….that lucky guy should ask permission as a sign of respect and gentleness… I sounds awkward? ….coz that’s what he said on me….that it was normal and needless to ask permission….any of you who expected the same?

Anyway, that kiss was the beginning of a more healthy and happy relationship. We became more concern to each other, more caring and more passionate. And at the middle of our second year, we begin to talk about marriage which of course is still out of my mind since I was just on my third year in college. Though on the other hand is a good idea coz definitely I’ll be marrying the only men in my life as part of my oath. Then October that same year I decided to visit him during the sembreak and we planned to have our secret marriage which did not happen.

So actually there was no marriage proposal, only a question that “What if we get married now? From then on every time we met we talked about it….on how we gonna do it without the knowledge of our family……which remained as plan until i graduated from college.

Till next couple’s corner…


sweet_shelo said...

kakatuwa ka naman sis, first kiss mo talaga ang hubby mo ha and u wanted him to ask permission pa talaga ha.. hehe..

anyway sis, your love story is so cute. It should be the typical Filipino ligawan culture.. Nakaka miss nga ang ganyan eh, kasi nowadays very vocal na ang mga kabataan.. The are even displaying affection in public..

Rossel said...

wow, bihira na ang ganyang ligawan ngayon.

ang sarap ng first kiss ano? sa tingin ko nagpapakiramdaman lang kayo. iniisip mo kung ano ang sasabihin nya at iniisip nya kung ano ang sasabihin mo. pero hanga ako sa kanya klase ang laki ng respeto nya sa yo. imagine 2 years syang naghintay bago ka mahalikan.

Kero said...

aaah the first kiss. you will always remember no matter how it went hahahaaa

your romance story was a childhood dream of mine. gusto ko yung unang bf ko ang pakakasalan ko. ayoko ng madami hahahaaa

but i guess only few people are meant to have that kind of romance. i enjoyed your ultimate Pinoy ligawan. bihira na lang kaya yun ngayon ;)

my entry is here

Mom of Four said...

Sheng, you were expecting permission from him if he can kiss you? Totoo pa pala ang ganyan? hahaha! Anyways, minsan kasi kapag you feel strong love sa partner mo, parang mas maganda ang spontaneous kiss di ba? The whole first year of your relationship parang ang lungkot naman nun. Ni walang kiss, walang intimacy.

Pero alam mo, long distance relationship can work too, basta nasa inyong dalawa, on how you handle or carry it. Look at you too, it worked for both of you di ba?

Gaya ng sabi ko kay Niko, it's not the how and where marriage proposal occurred, it's the proposal itself, (whether official or non official) that is most important..

I love your story, medyo kakaiba kasi sobra kang conservative at meron kang sinusunod na patakaran sa iyong relationship. And I admired you for that..You are also a very strong woman to be able to stand in what you believe.

Until next time Sheng...

chubskulit said...

Kala ko pa naman matutuwa ka na kiniss ka nya kasi you wanted to kiss him nung una hehehe., So cute naman ng love story, naalala ko yung first boyfriend ko na taga samin.. Matimtimang birhen din kami pareho kasi parehong tagabukid hahaha.. Excited na ako sa kadugtong next week

John & Rose

gengen said...

Hahha you make me smile i guess first kiss is always surprising aksi ganun din surprise pero hindi hubby ko ang first kiss hhe but anyway love your story girl so I will read next what happen right? Meanwhile read mine also hhehh.

eds said...

haha bitin nman ako .. like the kissing part hehe.. kakakilig.. weeee!

heres mine >>

sheng said...

@sweet_shelo: ewan ko ba sis bsta mula ng magkaisip ako tungkol sa pag ibig marami na akong panuntunan at un din mismo ang gusto kung mangyari sana pag dumating na ako sa puntong un...kaso un nga lang nde ganun ang nangyari kaya nakakalungkot...hehehe

@Rossel: sinabi mo pas sis...masarap tlga! hahaha kahit ba first time ko un at halos nde ko alam how to respond sa kisses niya sobrang sarap pala ng pakiramdam ng unang halik...:)

ganun nga cguro nagpapakiramdaman lang kami...kaso ayaw ko nmang mauna noon na humalik para wala nman siyang masabi...pero kung alam niya lang...hahaha

@kero: correct ka jan sistah...minsan nga pag napapag usapan nmin un ngaun natatawa kami pareho....

@Mom of Four: Naku mommy liz...napakadull talaga ng first year nmin...pero okay na rin un kasi kung cguro naging intimate na agad kami baka .............

Cguro destiny tlga nmin ang isa't isa...kasi sa tagal naming mag on nagsurvive ang relationship nmin..

Naku po! Kala mo lang un na conservative ako (though medy kasi like what niko have said pareho kaming laking madre), wait for the next entry of cc...bka mamangha po kau hehehe

@Chubskulit: napaka OA ko noh...for having that panuntunan...hahaha kasi nga nman un ang mga nababasa ko noon sa pocket books...pra masabing gentleman ang lalaki kelangan magpapaalam sa first kiss...

@gengen & eds: thanks for the comments dear...abangan ang susunod na kabanata ng aming pag iibigan..

Next entry will be more colorful...

niko said...

waheheheehh ang kulit dpat ipagpaalam pa ang kiss??? hihihih

i dont like to recall my first kiss hahaha.

girls rule!
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lover's mushroom
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Clarissa said...

Awww!!Sweet!!Meron pa palang ganyang ligawan ngayon,akala ko wala na.Alam mo naman sa panahon ngayon,wala na atang pinanganak na conservative.^_^I enjoyed reading your lovestory,parang feeling ko bumalik ako sa pagiging teenager ko!!^_^

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