April 26, 2010

Day after tomorrow is our 5th Wedding Anniversary! Other than the plan of having a dinner at a hotel courtesy of our flatmate who work as a Manager in one of the hotel in Al Rigga I have not done the preparation as part of the things I wanted to do on that day. Definitely it will not be a grand celebration but I wanted it to be a memorable one as it marks the first milestone of our anniversaries.

I haven’t bought the dress I wanted to wear for the pictorial (studio shots). I’ve seen one at Khaleej Center but it is very costly (AED 350.00) for a one day event. If I can’t find similar to that at a cheaper price I might just check on the market for a blue sleeveless tops like this one...anyway hubby will just wear a light blue polo shirt.

but how I wish I can find something like this..


I haven't printed all the photos I wanted to put on a photo album and I haven't even gathered all of it. The photos which I'm going to send for print out was the photos we have from the day we got married. Though I'm sure it will just follow...I'm still searching for a wooden photo album. I wish someone can suggest to where I can buy it.

I don't have the itinerary yet (as if we’re having a grand celebration yeah?! Hehehe). No! I was just thinking what to do first. Attend the Mass in the morning or in the afternoon. Have the studio shots before dinner or after. What’s for breakfast? Prepare something unusual at home or have it at Ikea (it’s not something really sweet for a breakfast on wedding anniversary but I just thought of bringing hubby there coz he hasn’t tried it). After breakfast go for a swimming at Al Mamzar beach park (pool) or metro trip maybe (from Rashidiya to Jebel Ali)…what do you think? Or take 8A going to Marina Walk..hehehe…don’t know which is which…let’s see what will gonna happen…

A gift? I don't think I would buy something for Pangit...and I'm sure he isn't thinking of giving me either. The wooden chuvaness which is the symbol of 5th wedding anniversay is enough i guess...


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